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Welcome to my nutrition lifestyle blog! I'm a registered dietitian nutritionist feeding bites of reliable nutrition information. I share my life through my food experiences outside of diet culture. 

Welcome to @JAMIELOP_RD!

Welcome to @JAMIELOP_RD!

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Growing up in an environment that nurtured healthy habits made healthy choices come naturally to me. I’ve always lived an active life and used food as nourishment and enjoyment. I’ve never restricted myself from any food that my body could tolerate.  

My life is about balance. I value healthy eating and delicious reality. I still eat pizza (often) and indulge in sweets. I cook dinner on a weekly basis but also order Seamless when I need to.

But after spending seven years of my life studying and practicing nutrition, my body started to crave foods it needed over what my emotions craved. Once I started to understand that food, literally, makes up every cell in our bodies, I developed a different perspective and craved foods I knew would make me the strongest, healthiest version of myself.

The way I carry myself is a reflection of the way I feel on the inside. If my insides are happy, then I’m able to be happy.

My friends are always asking me how I do it - how I work full time, finish grad school, train for a half marathon, socialize on the weekends, and still manage to maintain healthy eating habits. What they don’t understand, is that I’m able to do all of these things because of my healthy eating habits.

Knowledge is power.

The more you know about nutrition and how your body works the more your brain will adapt to crave what it needs.

My vision for this platform is to share all of that knowledge I’ve learned and experienced about what a {sustainable} healthy lifestyle is all about.

Forget the diets, forget your “cheat meals,” forget all of the nonsense that’s been constantly repeated to you about how you should eat.

No diet is “one size fits all.”

My mission is to uncomplicate eating habits. It’s to empower my readers with the knowledge to live a real, stress-free, healthy life by challenging society’s rules on dieting.

We’re a generation with a plethora of information and we're unable to distinguish between real and fake news. My goal is to provide reliable, evidence-based nutrition tips in a condense, easy to read format.

We’re all scrolling through our phones all day, so why not scroll through content you can actually learn and grow from?

I hope this platform inspires you to live a healthier version of YOU.

Ask me your nutrition questions!

I want to create content that answers your lingering nutrition questions. Click my 'ask me' tab to submit your questions and  I'll develop an entire post dedicated to your question. In the meantime, enjoy scrolling through the site and hope you leave with new nutritious insight. 

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