Philosophy of a diet rebel...

I believe food is about nourishment and enjoyment. And there’s no reason you need to pick one over the other.

One diet doesn't fit all. In fact, most diets don't fit at all. I don't believe in restricted or elimination diets. I enjoy all food and I don't discriminate.

I follow an intuitive eating (IE) approach. IE is an eating style led by your instinct and intuition. It involves a mindful mentality that enables conscious decisions about the foods you eat. It’s about being in tuned with your body, and distinguishing the differences between true hunger and emotional hunger.

I listen to my body and feed my inner cravings. I honor my hunger and respect my fullness. I don’t label foods as “good” or “bad.” And I don’t restrict myself from foods my body can tolerate. I just eat.

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People always say to me, “if you give me a set of guidelines or a daily menu to follow then I’d be good.” And I just nod my head politely… Mmhm Sure. You’d be good for like a week, maybe four. But for anyone who’s tried dieting (pretty much everyone) you’d know a strict diet plan isn’t sustainable. It’s why you’ll never hear me promoting a structured, set-of-rules diet. And if that’s what you're looking for, you won’t find it on this blog.

You really want to know how to live a healthy, sustainable life? Then you need to learn how to fish.